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Who Are We? And how did we end up in a Chateau in France?

Nicky, Mark and our boys


Nicky and Mark - the route to France

We bought Chateau de la Couronne in 2002, and moved to France with our two boys Elliot and Max.

After careers in fashion and TV, tiring of the daily commute into London, we had a bit of a daydream, then seemingly without doing much more, found ourselves living in France. Once that snowball starts rolling it just kind of develops a momentum of its own ....
Anyway, we set about renovating the place. The building was being used as a Centre de Formation - a kind of college - so although the building was structurally good, much of its character had been covered up. We spent an awful lot of time stripping more recent alterations off in order to get back to original structure. The work took about two years, and what we have ended up with is a building which unashamedly shows off its features and character, but does so in a fresh, modern manner.
The driving force was to create the kind of home we would be excited and happy to rent ourselves. It had to be distinctive, child and family friendly, but first and foremost it had to be our idea of gorgeous. If we didn't rent our house out, and just lived here ourselves, it would not look any different at all. Because we set out to make a home in France, not a "revenue generator".